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Japanese Shinkyu Clinic is an alternative medicine clinic.
With a combination of traditional Chinese medicine Applied Thai traditional medicine, physical therapy and Japanese style healing science.
We value the whole body. To avoid drug use and surgery.
We aim for everyone to be healthy from the inside out.


Treatment We will begin to analyze the main cause of symptoms from the pelvic muscle group that is the center of the body.
Which will link to other muscle groups throughout the body.
If the pelvic muscles stretch or shrink unevenly, resulting in the pelvis eccentric to one side.
Therefore causing pain in the body as well as various joints and joints.

  1. Treatment procedure

  2. Consultation

    Consultation starts from taking a history to inquire about symptoms. Or other diseases that are associated with symptoms. We will analyze By looking at the pelvic axis Including observing posture and personality, both standing and walking and sitting, which affects the symptoms. After that, we will treat the appropriate for individual of patient’s condition Each session of treatment we will introduce therapeutic exercise for adjustment your posture that make the patient can return to take care of the body by themselves.

  3. Massage Therapy

    Massage therapy is treatment whole muscle of body. We will fix the main cause of the symptoms. And provide treatment. By specialized professionals with professional licenses the technique used in the treatment is to combine the science of Japanese healing (Setai) as a holistic treatment of the body. So that every system within the body can work balanced and effective.

  4. Acupuncture

    Acupuncture is a combination treatment between Chinese and Japanese traditional medicine. By the principle of balance from the inside out, if every system in the body works in accordance with efficiency. Health Less chance of illness.

  5. Facial Acupuncture

    Facial acupuncture is the use of small needles to treat that can stimulate blood circulation .Your skin looks brighter and younger.

  6. Cupping

    Cupping is one of the treatments of traditional Chinese medicine. By using cup-glass and heat to treat. To stimulate the circulation system in the body and can relax the muscles. You will feel relaxed and comfortable

  7. Relaxing Massage

    Relaxing massage in the Japanese style, Japanese Shinkyu clinic in a quiet atmosphere, friendly service with stretching methods and trigger points release technique. The body will feel relaxed, reduce the tension that will cause other health problems later.

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