Migraine is a headache in which the position of the pain can be found in many places. Pain in the forehead, protruding eyebrows, central pain, fontanelle fractures, pain in the occipital area, neck to neck. On both sides, or pain alternately, the severity of any pain may be mild pain for a few minutes, the pain is relieved, some may be severe pain, pain for hours The pain is so much that the head will explode while the pain is often found to be nausea, vomiting, irritable mood, sweating abnormally, along with the principles of Chinese medicine. One of the important aspects of migraine is the result of the merge of the meridian, resulting in the blood and breath in the body not being circulated. Causing insufficient blood supply to show the pain and the main cause of the meridian

Caused by external factors
Is the wind, heat, coldness and moisture to obstruct the meridian line, causing the blood and breath to flow easily. If caused by the cold wind, it will feel pain in the head. If caused by hot air, it will feel pain like the head will break. If caused by moisture, it will feel heavy and tight.

Caused by internal factors, namely the meridian of the liver and gall bladder.
In accordance with traditional Chinese medicine, when there is no circulation for a long time, it will cause the body to become hot, causing a disturbance of the brain to show pain and irritability.

Caused by the body having blood to obstruct the meridian line.
Causing inconvenient circulation to feel pain, pain like a needle pricking the head.

Caused by accumulation of moisture in the body.
Pleasure accumulates until it becomes a sputum to obstruct the meridian line. There will be heavy pain, feeling like a vertigo and with angina.

Is acupuncture the solution to treatment?
Acupuncture is a good way to treat migraines. Acupuncture can stimulates blood circulation If you have enough blood to nourish the brain. The pain will release and not show pain. The result of the treatment will be good .Treatment should be continued. And the right way.

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