How to exercise to prevent head forward – humpback

Hello !!! Welcome back again in the last episode I have written about………. For continuously this episode I will write about how to check up body alignment by yourself and how to correct your posture by reminding yourself and exercise to improve the body alignment that can protect you to avoid painful or stiffness and you can feel more confidence also.

How to check up your posture
1.Take a photo in 4 directions(Front, Back, Right and Left side) to compare in the normal alignment.
2.Observation your head, Shoulder and upper back Is it in the normal alignment or not?
*Normal alignment :
When you observe in lateral side position you will find the ear , Shoulder, pelvis and lateral malleolus are in the same level.
*Abnormal alignment :
When you observe in the lateral side position you will find head forward, shoulder move internal rotation and slouch position that comes from muscle imbalance (Chest muscle is too tightness and upper back muscle is too lengthening) that can make you feel painful.
How to adjust your alignment
1.Correct your position in Sitting, Standing or Walking in upright position make your body relearning in the right position.
*If you are office worker that sitting about 8 hours per day I recommend the right posture of sitting to protect the painful and stiffness
-Keep you back upright and adjust backrest at 100 – 110 degree.
-Keep your hip and thigh about 90 degree
-Adjust computer screen in the eyes level and far away about 12 – 18 inch
-Put some box under your feet if your feet lift up from the ground
-Change your position or move your body every 1 hour
2. An easy exercise program to keep your body in upright position
Strengthening exercise
-Deep neck flexor
Hold your hand together and put on the backside of the head and then do isometric contraction Hold about 15 second and repeat 5 – 10 times
-Serratus anterior
Bend your elbow in 90 degree and put on the wall and then slide up and down Repeat 10 -15 times (3set/day)
Flexibility or Stretching exercise
-Pectoralis muscle
Put both hands on occiput and then open your arm for stretching chest muscle, Hold about 15 seconds  Repeat 10 -15 times (3set/day)
-Upper trapezius
Use the left hand hold on the right side of your head and then pull to left side  Hold about 15 seconds  Repeat 10 -15 times (3set/day) repeat like this on the other side.

Compose and written by Wilaiporn   Yostha
Physiotherapist staff at Japanese Shinkyu Clinic


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