5 Way to protect yourself from allergy in Rainy season

People with allergies are not just colds when entering the rainy season. We have more  activated factor to be  allergens such as  Temperature change and moisture in the air that make the patient having sneezing, nasal congestion, runny nose as a result effective  of daily life Which we can take care of in 5 ways

1. Should not be exposed to rain ⛱ because it will result in moisture in the body and can cause illness later

2. Get enough sleep. 🛌 Because of restful sleep Is that the body has to charge the battery after being used all day

3. Regular exercise helps build immunity in the body. Causing allergic reactions in the air will gradually disappear

4. Put the mask on the face 😷 to help protect the respiratory system from dust pollution, toxins and germs.

5. For sensitive patients, clean the exterior and interior of the house, including the mirror or curtains. For the air to be flow out



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