7 postures that break down your spine

Every part of the body has different bones. We will talk about the core bone that is the “spine” is a strong structure to protect the core of the spinal cord. Also serves as a sticking point for the muscles of the back and also connected to the skull, scapula, pelvis and ribs as well.

In addition, the spine is still an important part of the body. Is also a bone marrow that is important in the production of various types of blood cells. Into the blood stream therefore, we should stop the behavior that hurt the spine without knowing it.

1. Sitting in a chair, not full of buttocks, sitting cross-legged, causing the muscles to not work equally because the base on which the weight is to be taken on either side.

2. Sit back, bend back, and if done frequently may be risk of bone degeneration.

3. Stand shifting your weight just one leg resulting in distorted pelvis that can make spine scoliosis. Which the correct standard method is must put the weight on both legs equally to achieve the same balance.

4. Put the heel higher than 1 inch, causing the lower spine to bend and weight down on the toes because normally standing body weight must be full of your feets.

5. Stand up to the abdomen / humpback causing the spine isn’t in normal alignment.

6. Hold the bag or luggage just only one side resulting the spine scoliosis and poor posture.

7. Bending your trunk to lift up the item on the floor and not bend your knee.

Written and compose by Orathai   Lekngam
Applied Traditional Thai medicine
Japanese Shinkyu Clinic Staff

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