The identity of the Japanese Shinkyu Clinic

Japanese Shinkyu Clinic is an alternative medicine clinic with a blend of
Between Chinese medicine, Applied Thai Traditional Medicine, Physical therapy and Japanese style treatment science.
We value the whole body. To avoid drug use and surgery we aim for everyone to be healthy from the inside out.

Treatment we will begin to analyze the main cause of symptoms from the pelvic muscle group that is the center of the body.
Which will link to other muscle groups throughout the body. If the pelvic muscles stretch or shrink unbalanced until causing the pelvis to eject to one side.
Therefore causing pain in the body Including the various joints and symptoms.

Equipment for treatment

Acupuncture equipment

How to use the needle inside the clinic. By adhering to international standards.
Which each needle is used and discarded, not reused. And a new needle every time used in treatment.

Equipment used for cupping.
The glass used for cupping by every time after treatment. We will clean and disinfect before going to the next treatment.