Behaviors that cause bone deterioration quickly

Behaviors that cause bone deterioration quickly.

Muscles after deterioration As a result, the spine loses flexibility and becomes more rigid. Spine degeneration usually occurs in the Cervical Spine, Thoracic Spine and Low Back areas, but the most common are the cervical spine and lumbar region. Degenerative spine is caused by deterioration with increasing age.

  • Stops repetitive behaviors such as office workers. Sitting at the computer for a long time Or carrying heavy things every day Because it makes only one muscle group work Causing fatigue and inflammation Leading to chronic pain Also known as office syndrome
  • Twist and bend the torso to make frequent noise. Will cause the bones to rub against each other for a long time, causing the bone to collapse
  • Pillow or mattress Too soft or too hard Is one of the reasons Pain in the neck and back is possible because the spine is not in the same level as the sleeping surface.
  • Wearing a heavy bag on only one side, resulting in neck and shoulder pain. And upper back muscles Wearing high heels Causing uneven weighting in the body Muscles around the back and hips work harder than others.
  • Weight gain. Or obesity, resulting in both sitting and standing Muscles has to work harder. Not exercising will cause muscle weakness. Including the spine to bear weight Leading to the degeneration of the spine at the end.
  • Drinking soft drinks Containing phosphoric acid and caffeine (Mostly black soft drinks) affect the loss of calcium and bone mass in the body. And may result in illnesses with certain bones and osteoporosis.
Various pain symptoms Longer periods of time may result in more chronic or severe pain. Therefore, we should know how to protect ourselves, for example
  • Exercise
  • Principles of avoiding the behaviors mentioned above.
  • Eat foods that have great benefits. Build strong bones.

If there is pain in the neck, shoulder, pain in the legs, pain in the back, or numbness in the legs. Should immediately check the body. By specialist doctors It can lead to more problems such as osteoarthritis. Herniated disc disease Disc herniation Dangerous to “paralysis”
Able to come to check the body with JSClinic We have a treatment program that combines traditional Chinese medicine. Applied Thai Traditional Medicine And Japanese healing science Starting with
1. History taking, physical examination
2. Describe the mechanism of the symptom And recommend appropriate treatment methods
3. Do the treatment
  1. Recommended how to stretch. And how to exercise to take care of yourself at home
Treatment program
1.      Acupuncture
2.      Massage Therapy
3.      Cupping
4.      Chiropractic

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