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How many days will the marks from Cupping gone away?

The marks will gone away within 3-4 days or in some cases the marks will gone away within 1 week.

Can the surface of cupping be scrubbed?

Can be done but should be done after 1-2 days of treatment.

How long time of treatment cupping?

Take the time to move and pumping on the back for about 10-15 minutes. After that, let the glass suck and leave it on the back for about 5 minutes and pull the glass out. It takes about 20-30 minutes per treatment.

Cupping hurts or not ?

Cupping does not give a painful feeling. Because only using a glass to suck in the back of our area, but there may be a slight itchy because during the treatment of blood flow is stimulated, so it feels a little itchy.

How to prepare before acupuncture ?

Should prepare the body to be ready before eating at least 1 hour before receiving acupuncture and must rest enough.

What are the diseases that do not have acupuncture ?

Those who should not be acupuncture are cancer patients, pregnant women who have recently undergone surgery. People with thrombocytopenia.

How long does it take to maintain ?

Each person has different causes of the disease. Therefore, to specify the number of times or the duration of treatment cannot be determined. Must be analyzed every time before and after treatment.

Is the needle used to be reused ?

We use only once. There will be no reuse of the needle.

Does acupuncture hurt ?

The degree of pain depends on the individual. Usually after acupuncture. Will have a heavy feeling in the area of the needle.

How long does it take to heal ?

Depending on the individual and the duration of the disease.