How to be good posture to reduce painful

Daily behavior sometimes when you do some activities in relaxing position it can make your body malalignment, muscle imbalance, spine scoliosis, and bone malalignment. when younger or adolescent we don’t feel any pain or joint stiffness but you still do repeat bad behavior or posture and then make musculoskeletal condition will appear such as soreness, fatigue, stiffness your joint and further disturb your quality of living. If you would like to know which posture will be dangerous for your body. Let’s follow to read in this content!!!
When you have talked on the phone. If you usually move lateral bending on one side that can make your bone malalignment and muscle imbalance. It can compress spinal nerve root and effect musculoskeletal system such as muscle soreness, numbness on your arm, muscle tightness. Therefore, you should change your behavior or avoid to this position by correct posture. I recommend you should use your hand to hold the telephone and correct the neck in neutral position.
Round – backed in sitting position, this is one of behavior everybody used to sitting because this position is relaxing and comfortable . If you still sitting in this position that can affect your upper and lower part of your spine.For this posture you can find the person in round shoulder , upper back and forward head that make your muscle imbalance. (Chest muscle is too tightness but back muscle too lengthening) so you should to sitting in upright position, open your chest up and move chin in and the most long term effective should work out for training the muscle in the normal position
Standing in the wrong position, some people have standing position in difference posture such as sway back, lumbar hyperlordosis, thoracic kyphosis or forward head and some female often wear high heel shoes that can effect on your lower back. It’s overworking and then squeez nerve make you feel numbness or weakness on your leg.
Cross over sitting, mostly often in females more than male . when you sit like this make your pelvic shift weight on one side and our body auto-adjust that can make scoliosis spine and muscle both side imbalance .If you still do this position, Let’s try to remind yourself.
Shift weight on one side when sitting or standing. This behavior feel comfortable but you still do often that can dangerous for musculoskeletal system also.
Hold back or carry back on one side
Cross your arms together that one of postures is make chest muscle too tightness and back muscle too lengthening
I recommend Let’s change your bad posture for making your body gone away from muscle soreness or joint stiffness and improve your functional activity make you feel more confident.

Compose and written by Wilaiporn Yostha
Physiotherapist staff at Japanese Shinkyu Clinic

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