How to treat office syndrome

Treatment of Office Syndrome should be treated by specialist that there are many methods of treatment, both physical therapy, massage therapy and another popular method is “Acupuncture”



Acupuncture can help for treat Office Syndrome because the needle is an important element in helping to stretch the muscles contract to relax, after that the blood that had been inadequately nourished was able to bring blood to nourish around the muscles, in simple terms, it is needles can stretch muscles become more relaxed and combined with better circulation various pains will gradually relieve and if continued treatment the pain can eventually disappear.

Trigger point

Although the treatment has many methods and provides good treatment results, but is much better if we take good care of our health, keep exercising, always stretching muscles, change the behavior during the working day, get enough sleep all of this to prevent the occurrence of Office Syndrome and to build a healthy body to prepare for every activity in each day.

Sriwimon  Umpornkotchakorn CM.D
Traditional Chinese Medicine at Japanese Shinkyu Clinic

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