Hunchback – Round shoulder – Neck forward Silent Dangerous

Hello, Welcome back again for new content that I have written abound bad habitat posture is slouching posture that you can call Upper Crossed Syndrome. For this century, you can access information from IT devices such as mobile phone, tablet,computer. It’s can make your posture deform people are always in neck forward, round shoulders and hunchback that make musculoskeletal system imbalance and involves other system also. You can feel pain, soreness, joint stiffness or numbness.
Upper Crossed syndrome is  deformed that limit movement and mobility between cervical  thoracic bone and muscle abnormal alignment muscle is too lengthening(weakness) or shortening (Tightness) around upper back.

Anatomy of Upper Crossed Syndrome
*Shortening muscle(Tightness)

Upper back muscle : Suboccipital , Levator scapulae and upper trapezius muscle
Chest muscle : Pectoralis major and minor muscle
*Lengthening muscle(Weakness)
Neck : Deep neck flexor
Back : Middle and Lower trapezius, Serratus anterior and Rhomboid muscle


Cause and Factor of Upper Crossed Syndrome
Mostly for this condition it comes from repetitive behavior , take time more than 5 hours and less movement of the body and upper body in slouching posture all the time when you are working,driving or use some IT devices. Mostly found in females more than male and age under 30 years old, less over 49 years old.

Health condition problem from Upper Crossed Syndrome
*Myofascial pain syndrome
*Reduce lung capacity
*Cervical nerve root entrapment
*Neck and shoulder pain
*Tension headaches
*Cervicogenic headache
For all health conditions that come from abnormal posture alignment so you should change your behavior and correct upright position if you don’t know how to correct let’s consult with specialist or physiotherapist they can solve your condition don’t let it hurt and change your behavior and see me again in the next episode that I will write about how to check yourself this is easy way you can check it at your home and how to exercise and correct your posture that is very important.

Written and Compose by Wilaiporn   Yostha
Physiotherapist staff at Japanese Shinkyu Clinic

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