Low back pain is a serious disease if not treated.

Lower back pain will be found in every age and  gender that disturbs your daily of life, which if you feel back pain for a long time. It’s can make result in other symptoms, such as muscle squeezing the nerves, crooked spine, spinal degenerative joints. These symptoms will make you feel more painful if we are not yet interested in taking care of yourself.

Causes of lower back pain

  1. Playing sports or exercising that can make you feel back pain because we use too much muscle in the back where we were unable to be careful, therefore causing back pain.
  2. Sitting position when you are working. These symptoms will be in the human office that sit for a long time or sit in the wrong position that can make causing the muscles strain   .
  3. Lifting heavy objects should be lifted in the right direction. If we lift the item to repeat the wrong position that can make disc protrusion.


The lower back pain will be different symptom, for example, if you are not in severity level we just can feel tight on the back.  Some people move bend or extension your back that can feel sharp pain just only your back. If some people have severe back pain, you can feel numbness and move down to your legs and feet.

The pain will not occur if we observe yourself and change behavior that is risk causing symptoms and should treat these symptoms. If you have pain in the early stage should treat in the right way for protect more severity in the future.

Orathai Lekngam
Applied Traditional thai medicine
Staff at Japanese Shinkyu Clinic

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