Migraine is Boredom

Migraine is a kind of headache. Most pain in the temples that may be one side or both sides, in some case may be having pain around the eyes and feeling pain like a throbbing pain.
The current medical cause is believed to be caused by abnormal neurotransmitters called “Serotonin” that help in the transmission of brain cells. At the time of Migraine, Serotonin had decreased, causing the blood vessels to shrink. Blood to nourish less resulting in abnormal brain activity and there are also external factors that stimulate the symptoms such as, in the sun glare for a long time, focusing on the eyes for a long time, insufficient sleep deprivation, accumulated stress, etc.
In the way of Chinese medicine is believed Migraine to be caused by the meridian jammed resulting in blood and Qi in the body flowing inconvenient causing insufficient blood to nourish the brain therefore Migraine pain is expressed and the main reason why  meridian jammed is
1. Caused by external factors such as, wind, heat, coldness and humidity to obstruct the meridian line causing the blood and Qi to flowing inconvenient
2. Caused by internal factors, namely the liver meridian and gallbladder meridian no circulation for a long time until it became a fire (Yang) up to disturb the brain if caused by this cause besides being a headache still having nervousness and tantrums.


Is Acupuncture a good option to treat Migraine?

            Acupuncture is another treatment for Migraine that provides good treatment results. The needles will stimulate blood circulation and Qi in the body of circulate conveniently making the blood able blood to nourish the brain adequately, when good blood circulation is sufficient headache will relieve and if reducing the risk factors that cause Migraine symptoms by maintaining proper health is adequate rest, sleep at least 6-8 hours, avoid using smartphone or computer for a long time, do not drink tea, coffee and alcoholic beverages, exercise regularly, eat useful food but avoid  spicy food and greasy food. Just this Migraine will not pain again.

Writtren and comprose content by Sriwimon   Umpornkotchakorn
Traditional Chinese Medicine staff at Japanese Shinkyu Clinic

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