Office Syndrome “The popular disease of young office workers in this centurys.

Young office workers like us know that one day, we used the eyes to look at the computer . Not less than 6 hours per day, or it will be sitting on the stack of documents. That sometimes seems to increase steadily all the time. One day, all of them woke up in the morning, so they had to find the same function until they met the holidays that everyone desires.If our bodies sometimes wait for the holidays to stop, we protest. By showing various pain symptoms such as neck pain, shoulder pain, wrist pain, numbness of fingers or Back pain fracture refer to the hips or legs. If overdoing for a long time, there may be dizziness, headache and, in some cases there may be symptoms of vomiting. These symptoms reflect that it’s time for you to take care of your body.

Sitting for a long time without any movement of the body. And the sitting posture that is not suitable throughout the day, such as sitting hunchback, sitting shoulder wrap or sitting cross All of which are actions that hurt the body that can Makes the muscles and nerves work imbalance. Including the circulatory system and breathing work effectively. Muscle contraction and tightness that can pinch of nerve pathways Causing pain at various points in the body. If letting the symptoms be like this for a long time. Until affecting the daily life. To find the cause of the pain and receive treatment at the point.

What are the procedures for massage therapy and how to help treat symptoms?
Massage treatment at Japanese Shinkyu Clinic. We will analyze the cause and check the body from the muscles that cause various pains. Including explaining the mechanism of the body that has changed from normal to causing pain. We will massage the whole body and focus on the problematic point. The massage will focus on stretching or release the muscles that too contraction and increase the strength of muscle for weakness muscle to balance both side of body. In order to balance the muscles and body structure when the body is in a state of balance, the pain will gone away.


Compose and written content by Miss Wilaiporn   Yostha
Physiotherapist staff at Japanese Shinkyu Clinic

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