Occurrence of occipital pain

Common occipital pain Can be seen in teenagers, working people, middle-aged people to the elderly Which the pain of each person will be different, such as pain maybe refer to around eyes, head Or on the shoulder These symptoms can occur for many reasons. Let’s see what the causes and prevention this condition.

The cause of the pain is the pain caused by the muscles around the edge of the head contracting very much. Because it is the point of the nerve pathway which causes the symptoms have several factor such as Stress, Not enough rest, using the computer screen for long time, Lifting heavy objects that cause contraction of the neck muscles some people have symptoms after drinking alcohol. Or the humpback posture

Sharp pain around sub-occipital area or sometime you can feel electrical pain also. Pain in neck and refer pain to eyes, head or shoulder, nausea and vomiting also.

Occipital pain prevention and treatment methods

1. avoid stress

2. Get enough rest

3. Change behavior and the right posture

4. Exercise stretching and strengthening the neck muscles.

5. Massage treatment with professionals such as osteopath or physiotherapist.

6. Acupuncture

7.Heat therapy such as hot pack

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