What is office syndrome ?

office syndrome “ this word seems like it is not far away because in everyday. We having to sit and write for work or stare in front of the computer for a long time or sitting position while working and various body movement during work, all these be haviors are the main reason that cause office syndrome.

Office syndrome is a specific muscle pain that most areas are neck, shoulders, shoulders blades. In some cases may be pain down in both arms or may have headaches that pain with the eye socket.


The main cases of office syndrome is some muscle group used in the same position and for long time such as hunch back while working, use eye to stare at the computer for a long time sitting for a long time with out changing the posture resulting in muscle contraction at all time that make occur the muscle pain

Sriwimon    Umpornkotchakorn
Traditional Chinese medicine doctor
Staff doctor at Japanese Shinkyu  Clinic

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