What’s about jaw pain

What’s about jaw pain?


Most jaw pain is due to an abnormality or injury to the joint of your jaw. Main cause are muscle overusing such as chewing one side ,chewing hard food .Otherwise this pain because of malocclusion ,stress or bruxism.


  • jaw and chewing muscle pain
  • less mouth motion and stiffness
  • click sound when chewing or speaking
  • feel burning one side of your face
  • some patients have neck and occiput pain with headache


  • analgesic drug or anti-inflammation pill to release muscle and relief pain ,sleeping pill in stress patient is recommended as well.
  • acupuncture to release deep muscle around jaw
  • massage therapy to reduce soreness and relax muscle around jaw joint. Meanwhile it’s very helpful for stress patient.
  • change chewing behavior ,do not chew only one side and chew fast.
  • hot compression to stimulate blood circulation and healing ,this way is easy to do yourself.
  • relax after work time ,exercise and enjoy hobby to reduce stress .It’s helpful for jaw pain due to headache and occiput pain.
  • consider to surgery for severe pain with malocclusion.

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